Cardiff Book Festival runs from the 22nd to the 24th of September at the Angel Hotel in the centre of the city.

We set ourselves the task of coming up with 12 reasons not to miss this year’s Cardiff Book Festival, but we just couldn’t limit ourselves to that though so here’s a baker’s dozen, or if you will, a booker’s dozen.

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Be the Envy of Your Friends

Be one of the first people in the world to hear international best-selling author, Robert Harris, in person discuss his new book, Munich, with Marcel Theroux. And get a signed copy of the thriller, published only 2 days before, as part of the ticket price.

Change Your Tune

Hear GQ editor, Dylan Jones, discuss his eye-opening account of the life of David Bowie with the Editor-in-Chief of NME, Mike Williams. We’ve also teamed up with Swn Festival to debate music criticism and there’s a free lit disco.

A Women’s Work is Never Done

Journalist and co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party, Catherine Mayer, explains why continuing to strive for gender equality benefits everyone in her book, “Attack of the 50 Ft. Women”.

Variety is the Spice of Life

You can listen and talk to novelists with very different styles in very different genres, who all have one thing in common: the ability to compel the reader to go on a journey with them. Marcel Theroux, Kate Hamer, Jo Carnegie, Laura Kemp, Alys Conran and Rebecca F. John.

Love Noir, Love Welsh Noir

John Gordon Sinclair’s come a long way from starring in Gregory’s Girl, he talks about his third crime novel. If you want some Crime Cymru, Hinterland Landscapes explores the scenery so vital to the atmosphere of the TV series or hear from Alis Hawkins and Rosie Claverton on why detective duos still come alive on the page.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Marking 35-years of the “Fighting Fantasy: Choose Your Own Adventure” series, Ian Livingstone talks to BBC Radio 1 Newsbeats’ Steffan Powell about the books that introduced a generation to reading and decision-making and how those ideas fuelled a games industry he became a legend in.

20 Years of Devolution

The career of Rhodri Morgan is closely tied to devolution. As his autobiography is posthumously published we discuss his life with his wife and friends. In a Welsh language event, BBC Wales’ Welsh affairs editor, Vaughan Roderick, who’s been writing throughout the 20 years since Wales voted “Yes” talks about his new book covering the period.

Think of the Children!

We’ve joined with the Green Man Festival to inspire young people with a free, interactive Library of Imagines Genes. BBC Wales’ Lucy Owen brings her children’s book to life and makes it a real family event by including her husband and son in the festivities. Eloise Williams talks about her gothic mystery.

What’s the World Coming to?

Pulitzer Prize-winning, James Ball, explains why he thinks bullshit is conquering a world in the grip of Fake News. Comedians Adam Kay, a former junior doctor, and neuroscientist, Dr Dean Burnett, talk about whether laughter is the best medicine after all.

The Soul of a Poet?

The National Poet of Wales, Ifor ap Glyn, explains the enduring legacy of Hedd Wyn in a Welsh language event. Meanwhile, we’ve also brought together seven of the most exciting new voices in poetry for a special showcase in modern verse.

Know Your History

From Why Wales Never Was with Simon Brooks to the story of Tiger Bay as it was with Neil Sinclair. Derek Johns also takes us on a journey through his biography of Jan Morris. We have refugee writers including Eric Ngalle Charles discussing their own extraordinary journeys that ended in them calling Wales home.

2017: Visit Wales’ Year of Legends

The ever-popular Horatio Clare re-tells ten myths and legends of Wales’ famous Brecon Beacons while Scott Lloyd looks at the Arthurian place names of Wales.


Can more be done to promote BAME writing in Wales? Where’s the economy headed in 2018 as we approach Brexit? Join in with our panel of experts- what do you think?

Want to Appear on the Stage of a Future Cardiff Book Festival?

Intimate masterclasses on writing with the Kate Hamer and Laura Powell plus advice on getting into print with publisher, Hazel Cushion, and top agent, Cathryn Summerhayes.

You might have caught us. Fake news! That was actually 14.

The Cardiff Book Festival will take place in Cardiff from the 22nd to the 24th of September at the Angel Hotel in the centre of the city You can get tickets here. Follow on Twitter @cardiffbookfest.