Cardiff offers not only a high quality of life, but also a high quality of education.

Whether you want to boost your CV, start a new career or learn a language, Cardiff is the place where you can achieve it.

Did you know
Students make up 20% of Cardiff
Every year, thousands of students come to Cardiff to study at a school, college or university.

The city offers opportunity for learning to people of all age and skills-levels.

Cardiff is home to many world-class education universities and centres. Academic life provides a wide range of options, so everyone can choose something for themselves. From part-time to full time courses, from language programs to weekly workshops and daily trainings.

People choose to study here because they know that the qualification they receive are respected throughout the world.

Excellent value for money

Both the Council and partners work together to help people achieve their full potential. The city caters to everyone, regardless of their economic situation.

The living expenses in the heart of Wales are much lower in comparison to other UK’s cities, so you can truly enjoy your educational experience, and the benefits from living in a capital city.The city that is safe, friendly and has affordable housing.

Cardiff is a great study destination and has many options for students to offer in terms of a career and how to spend spare time!


What is Cardiff to you?