Truly the best way to explore this beautiful and fascinating young city is by bike. CardiffCycleTours wants to give you a unique experience of time and place, setting a leisurely bike ride within a historical context.

This is a fascinating city, reflecting in many ways the history and future of Wales.

We think Cardiff is rapidly becoming a great cycling city, and we want you to have a good time for a couple of hours.  This is not about the bike ! But they are fantastic, our Pashley Bikes, made in Britain,  guarantee a comfortable and leisurely ride.  No sweat, just pure enjoyment and relaxation, and it is flat and the sun (almost) always shines.  And the bikes are included in the price !  CardiffCycleTours is about a “softer” way of cycling, it’s not about exercise, or sweat or eating miles, but it’s all about taking it easy and enjoying.

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53-59 Despenser Street, Cardiff CF11 6AG