The National Roman Legion Museum displays a remarkable collection of finds from Roman Caerleon.


VCNM logo - orangeThe National Roman Legion Museum displays a remarkable collection of finds from Roman Caerleon, the base of the second Augustan Legion, and offers the only remains of a Roman Legionary barracks on view anywhere in Europe. Caerleon also has the most complete amphitheatre in Britain.


The Museum boasts one of the largest gemstone collections found anywhere in the Roman Empire. After 1,700 years languishing down a drain you can marvel at their beauty in the gallery, each the work of highly skilled craftsmen, used as signets, charms and talismans by their owners long ago. Peer into the amazing contents of the Bathstone Coffin to find the bones of a 2nd/early 3rd century man, buried with a small glass perfume ointment bottle and a shale cup. The reconstructed Barrack Room shows what the fortress barrack blocks might have looked like inside, giving a sense of the living conditions for the Roman soldiers. At weekends and school holidays (please call for exact dates), children can step back in time in a full-sized barrack room and try on replica armour and experience the life of a Roman soldier!

Don’t miss the beautiful Roman garden at the Museum as the Romans were the first to introduce ornamental gardens to Britain.

By road

Town Centre, Caerleon, Gwent. Follow the brown helmet signs from the M4. Parking is either on Broadway (next to the amphitheatre), Museum Street (limited parking) or off High Street, adjacent to the Baths. Cycle stands are available at the amphitheatre. Coach parking at the nearby Roman Amphitheatre.



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High Street
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