Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you a breath of fresh air for Thursday nights. A wind of comedy change, a gust of gleefulness. Whether you’re out with friends, adding some fun to a work social or just starting the weekend early you’ll find howls (yes, howls) of laughter every Thursday night at Comedy Carousel.

In this brand new comedy show, unique to The Glee Club and not seen anywhere else, you’ll be swept along by fun, games and top comedy that harks back to the golden era of entertainment.

Throughout the night your host will whip up a blend of visual projections and fun audience interaction, including live Googling from his cunning assistant who plucks out comedy gems on the go to add a totally new dimension to the live comedy experience.

In the middle of the show there will be fun, games, maybe some strange talents, and often up to 3 up-and-coming acts competing against the clock.

And to guarantee the big belly laughs there are always top circuit comedians to open and headline the show.


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