Here are some very Australian things which you can easily replace in Cardiff if you’re feeling homesick!

Going on holiday abroad is one of the most exciting times of the year, especially when you go to support your country at a national tournament.

Experiencing new and unusual things is a bonus but even with a wide open mind and an adventurous appetite, it’s only natural that you’ll start missing certain home comforts.

British cuisine can be just as satisfying but there are a few vital things that just cannot be replaced. Or can they? A taste of Australia in Cardiff is easier to obtain than you might think.



An Australian institution and a staple in any Aussie’s diet. There’s no denying the savoury, pungent smell and taste of it that’ll awaken most Australians’ memory of homeland.


The British equivalent. While there may be rivalry between the Marmite and Vegemite camp, when you’re on British turf, Marmite might not be as mellow and homely as the vegetable extract goodness but it’ll certainly hit the spot. Enjoy on a crumpet with tons of butter.

Where can I find it?

There are a range of mini-marts in Cardiff city centre. Try Sainsburys on Queen Street.


One thing that might not be so well known about the Aussies are their absolute devotion to pies. No, it’s not just “shrimps on a Barbie” it’s more likely a flaky pie with tomato sauce. While a nice hot pie is available pretty much anywhere in Oz, you’ll have to go find it here in Cardiff.

Luckily, Pieminister opened its doors in the city centre. A Bristolian dollop of pastry goodness that made its way over to Wales. Enjoy different fillings, gravy and of course tomato sauce – but only if you insist!

Where can I find it?

Pieminister is located on St. Mary Street in the city centre. Just follow the sign that says PIES.

Bierkeller, Cardiff

Bierkeller, Cardiff

Victoria Bitter

Australians will be dismayed by the fact that the rest of the world thinks they drink a certain brand of lager because of a rather stereotyping advert. This is not the case. What Aussies really like is a cold VB in a little stubby bottle.

Cardiff Craft Beer

We recommend BrewDog, Urban Tap House or the City Arms to enjoy a pint of Pipes, Tiny Rebel for some good old Brains beer, all brewed locally. And of course the Bierkeller’s traditional Bavarian Bar opened it’s doors at the Stadium Plaza. You certainly won’t be disappointed by the amount of craft beer on offer in Cardiff.

Where can I find it?

They’re each within easy walking distance of the Millennium Stadium and St. Mary’s Street in the city centre. Perfect for creating your own mini-tour.

Cardiff International White Water, Cardiff Bay

Cardiff International White Water, Cardiff Bay


If one outdoor sport is synonymous with the Aussie lifestyle, it’s surfing. You might not surf every day but if you live near a coast, I’m sure you’ve certainly tried.

For those missing the crashing waves, you can visit Cardiff Bay for a taste of indoor surfing. With the coast and surfable waves quite far away, this is a convenient way to get in your favourite exercises and maybe show the rest how it’s done.

Where can I find it?

Cardiff International White Water, Watkiss Way, Cardiff, CF11 0SY.

Pancake Parlour

When it’s about 9pm and you’re still hungry, Pancake Parlour is usually a pretty good place to go. Ranging from savoury to sweet pancakes.

If you do miss the sweet variety, you should pay Kaspa’s Desserts a visit. An ice cream parlour that serves you the biggest waffle you’ve ever seen with tons of cream and all the things your parents told you not to eat. It’s the sugary coma you were looking for.

Where can I find it?

Kaspa’s Desserts, St. Mary’s Street,  Cardiff City Centre.

Le Monde, City Centre

Le Monde, City Centre


With many Australian cities situated around the coast, there is plenty of fish and seafood on the menu. However, Cardiff is a sustainable fish city and has a range of seafood eateries on offer.

Where can I find it?

We recommend city centre eatery Le Monde which serves a range of local, exotic fish and shellfish. Or take a trip to Ashton’s fishmongers in Cardiff Market and prepare a locally sourced meal at home.

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Homesickness will soon pass with these handy tips and you might find some Welsh things you’ll miss once you’re back in the Southern Hemisphere!


Lia Schopmeyer is a food and lifestyle blogger who spends most of her time marvelling about the seamlessness of Fringe and quoting old Simpsons episodes at you. Follow her on Twitter if you like hearing about all of the above.

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