Where to find cakes in Cardiff

The afternoons in Cardiff are best spent walking around the beautiful parks and enjoying a cup of tea and a slice of cake, naturally. There are a whole lot of places that offer this to you as well as takeaway services for when you want to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home or for special occasions.

Explore an epic history at Cardiff Castle, just a moment’s walk from Pettigrew Tea Rooms
Pettigrew Tea Rooms is what everyone imagines when thinking of afternoon tea. Busy with families and a local favourite, it’s conveniently placed at the entrance to Bute Park so you can walk off your cake afterwards.

Science Cream is not only a perfect spot if you like unusual and extraordinary flavours, but the making of the ice cream is a spectacle in itself. Using liquid nitrogen, these ice cream scientists will transform cream to frozen treats in front of you. This newly opened ice cream parlour is situated in the Castle Arcade.

Patisserie Valerie has a few chains across the country and when you have tried one of their cakes, you know why. Delicate and elaborately decorated cakes ranging from eclaires to gateaux, it’s hard to choose just one. They also offer a ordering service for birthdays or weddings. Located in St David Shopping Centre.

Waterloo Tea will delight any tea drinker with their vast range of black, white, green and herbal teas. With helpful staff, you’ll discover the delicate flavours of Oolong and you can fully unwind with the perfect cup of tea. Their loose tea and tea ware is available in their shop to take home. Located in the city centre.

Sophie’s Creperie makes having pancakes for lunch absolutely acceptable. The homely interior of the cafe situated in the High St. Arcade makes it the perfect place to enjoy a crepe filled with all sorts of sweet things or savoury delights.

Cocorico Patisserie will allow you to taste a little piece of Paris in Cardiff. Their cream cakes and convenient takeaway service will make it hard to say no. Just a short cab or bus ride away, this patisserie allows us all to dream a little.

Krispy Kreme is the name in the doughnut business. Cardiff has a store in St David Shopping Centre which will put a smile on every kid and adult. Seasonal flavours is what makes Krispy Kreme special and so irresistible.

Garland’s Eatery and Coffee House is a little cafe located in Duke Street Arcade. They not only serve exceptionally good breakfasts but also offer a good range of special cakes. Their homemade honeycomb cake is probably one of the best I’ve tried in Cardiff.

Madame Fromage is not only a fantastic place for all kinds of cheeses but they also offer a great range of cakes, cupcakes and brownies. Either to takeaway or to enjoy in their Parisian style cafe, it’s a good spot for afternoon tea.

Fabulous Welshcakes is a must visit when you’re in Cardiff Bay. Specialising in traditional Welshcakes, they can offer a delicious treat or wedding favours. You won’t find better Welshcakes anywhere.

There are many more spots for some sweet treats in Cardiff I’m sure, so let me know if you find some noteworthy ones.

Lia Schopmeyer is a food and culture blogger who recently moved to Cardiff from Bristol. Lia blogs at Saucy Pans and you can find her on Twitter. Browse all posts from Lia.