Escape the hustle and bustle and get closer to nature without having to leave the city.

Cardiff is a very green city. With over 330 parks and gardens, the country’s capital can’t fail to please. Cardiff is a home to one of the largest urban parks in Wales, and it offers a green haven for exploring, relaxing, and taking some time out from the thrill of the city.

Did you know
Cardiff has more green spaces per person than any of the UK core cities!

Bay Upcycle

Cardiff Harbour Authority has come up with an innovative idea to reuse and recycle items dredged up from Cardiff Bay, highlighting the environmental issue of incorrect waste disposal in our oceans. An average of 430 tonnes of rubbish and debris is collected from Cardiff Bay each year including tyres, plastic bottles, wooden pallets and beer barrels. So, local carpenter Gareth Davies from Big B Designs was commissioned to upcycle some of the retrieved items and has created the Bay Eco Lounge. Pontoon decking, buoys, tyres, rope, beer barretls and old events banners have been used to produce high-quality unique pieces of furniture such as tables, chairs and bar stools. An old boat has been transformed into a bar. Keep your eyes peeled for the Bay Eco Lounge at Cardiff Bay events and join in the conversation on Twitter #BayUpcycle

But how can you as a visitor experience Cardiff as a green city?

There is plenty of opportunities for those who enjoy the outdoor life. All year round, you can not only enjoy the easy access to countryside and blue flag beaches, but also benefit from local parklands and good quality open spaces.

Bute Park

The largest and most famous- Bute Park is probably the city’s most pleasant sun-trap break spot. Stretching right across the city, the park is blossoming with green space, a perfect place to spend a lazy afternoon. And if you happen to come at the right time of year you will find it hosting some of the biggest festivals in Cardiff.

Roath Park and Lake

Just a short journey from the city centre- in the middle of Roath Park, you can enjoy our own tropical rainforest, explore tropical plants from around the world, feed the Koi crap, and meet our whistling ducks, Jack and Vera.

City Farms

Why not to visit Cefn Mably Farm Park with your kids and get involved in feeding, petting and other activities? The Farm Park provides an increasingly rare opportunity to meet and interact with a large variety of friendly farm animals in any weather and at any time if the year.

St Fagans National History Museum

Explore the past and see how people in Wales have lived, worked and spent their leisure time. Walk through elegant formal gardens of St Fagans castle or see the cottage gardens that provided food for working families. This one of the world’s best open- air museum offers a fascining opportunity to travel back in time and enjoy green spaces FOR FREE!

Flat Holm Island 

Just 50 minutes from Cardiff by boat, Flat Holm Island is a different world with a wealth of history and wildlife. On a day trip you can relax, soak up the island’s tranquil atmosphere, and experience the unique views.

Ideas on green things to do

There is something for everyone in the lovely parks, gardens, woods, and farms. From natural history to heritage, sports activities to family events, both young and old will be spoilt for choice.

Pedal Power

Those who want a more active experience can enjoy the countryside and the bigger park on bikes. There are many routes to choose from, and Pedal Power encourages and enables virtually anyone to experience the benefits of cycling, and getting closer to the nature.

Go Ape!

Take to the trees and enjoy zip wires, Tarzan swings, rope ladders, and a variety of obstacles and crossings. This multi-award winning forest adventure is boasting some of the finest scenery in Wales!

Glamorgan County Cricket Club

Grab a breath of fresh air and experience sport’s most prestigious events.

Eat your greens

Green and organic food is taken seriously in Cardiff  and there are plenty of restaurants and markets to enjoy your ‘greens’ during your visit.

Vegeterian Restaurants– whether you are looking for an evening meal or just a lunch time bite, Cardiff can provide tasty, ‘green’, vegeterain options.

Riverside Farmers Market –visit one of Cardiff’s award- winning famers’ markets to buy fresh and tasty food in the city.

Roath Farmers Market – fantastic fresh food, great prices, and all from local producers.

Cardiff City Council and local community have been working hard to create beautiful environment, and brighten up parks.  Having undergone a series of projects, Cardiff continues to flourish, bringing colour to our surroundings. So take a deep breath, relax and escape to the nature in the city!

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