HomeToGo reveals the most Instagrammable British Historic Towns, with Cardiff scoring one of the top spots!

Britain is steeped in history and is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and fascinating heritage towns. HomeToGo has produced a guide to the 25 most instagrammed historic towns in the UK. Cardiff made the final shortlist and was hashtagged an astonishing – 3.2 million times, only just narrowly missing out on a spot in the top five.

To identify the most instagrammed historic towns, HomeToGo used online history resources to identify hundreds of British towns and cities that were founded in the 17th century or earlier. The final 25 are the destinations that have the most Instagram hashtags, as of August 2019. The top 5 most instagrammed historic towns in the UK are:

  1. London – 127,800,000
  2. Edinburgh – 7,900,000
  3. Bristol – 4,800,000
  4. York – 3,700,000
  5. Cambridge – 3,300,000

“The UK has a unique, diverse and fascinating history, and so it’s no surprise that many Brits are choosing to spend the final warm summer weekends visiting the historic towns that are right on their doorsteps,” said Head of Inbound Marketing, Micheal Lee. “We’re excited to showcase these beautiful and photogenic destinations!”

Other key findings include:

  • 13 of the 25 locations were from the South of England. Just 6 towns from the North of England made it to the top list.
  • England had the highest number of historical cities on the list, with a total of 21 locations. Scotland secured 2 spaces on the shortlist and this was closely followed by Northern Ireland and Wales, who had just one spot each.

For the complete ranking and detailed results, please visit the results page on this link.