There are lots of spooktacular events happening all across Cardiff this All Hallows Eve. While some may think that Halloween is all but harmless fun and games, others believe it is a day where restless spirits visit from beyond the grave, and other ethereal dimensions, to roam our realm.

For those of you only looking to enjoy the traditions of Halloween with no intention or interest in paranormal activity we would recommend scrolling down to the latter half of the page where we feature events in locations not known to be haunted.

For those of you looking to see for yourself if things really do go bump in the night, and are looking for a fright, then please refer to the section immediately below for Halloween events in some of Cardiff’s most haunted places. Be warned, attend at your own peril…

Halloween events at haunted venues

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff castle is one of the most iconic landmarks in Cardiff, it is also arguably the most haunted venue with the richest history in the city. Many people are known to have died in the castle, and in some cases have been murdered there, such as the nobleman and revolutionary Llywelyn Bren who was hung drawn and quartered without trial. Over the decades there have been countless stories of sightings and paranormal activity at the castle from troublesome poltergeists to shadowy figures and strange unexplained noises.

Ghost Tours

Ghost Tours by Cardiff History and Hauntings

CDF History and hauntings

Make your way by torchlight along the stairways and passages, and into the mighty but dark rooms of this beautiful building where ghosts have been seen, heard and felt over many generations: a troublesome poltergeist; a mysterious maiden; mischievous playful spirits; shadowy phantom figures; a spectral coach; and ghostly footsteps.

There are two ghost tours – dates, times, prices vary. Please check the website link for more information:

Cardiff Castle Premium Ghost Tour: 130 minutes. 13+ or 18+

Cardiff Dark Castle Tour: 90 minutes. 10+

For nine years Cardiff History and Hauntings has been thrilling people from all over the world with night time walking tours through Cardiff’s most historic, and haunted locations!

No-nonsense, no-gimmicks, but faithfully researched and delivered true ghost stories, told in the dark at the very spots where they are said to have occurred. Lose yourself in time and fear as the powerful atmosphere and hair raising tales take their toll on your nerves, and be ready, because sometimes things really have gone “bump in the night”!

Halloween Cinema in the Castle's Undercroft

28th Oct – 3rd Nov

Venture, if you dare, in to the Castle’s atmospheric, 15th century undercroft, where a host of horrible Halloween horror films await you…

Running from 28th of Oct – 3rd Nov and showcasing a wide range of films to suit all audiences and age categories. From Coco and Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, to Dario Argento’s Suspiria and Nightmare on Elm Street.

Take a look at the full list of screenings here for more information and links to book tickets

Creepy Crawlies

29th Oct – 30th Oct

This hour-long session will enable visitors to get close to variety of creepy creatures, from maggots and frogs to lizards and snakes.
Tickets cost £4 per person.

For info and tickets click here

Spider Encounter

29th Oct – 30th Oct

What makes people so scared of spiders? Join us for an in-depth insight into these fascinating creatures and then get a chance to test your nerve by seeing how it feels to hold a tarantula.
Children – see whether the adults are as brave as you and manage to face their fears!
Tickets cost £4 per person.

Recommended for ages 6 and over.

Tickets and info can be found here.

Ghostly Knights

28th Oct – 31st Oct

Following his appearance at Cardiff Castle last year, the Black Knight returns.

Join Cardiff Castle to help our brave knights find out a way to conquer this evil being.


St. Fagans

St. Fagans National Museum of History is known as the most haunted museum in the country. With multiple tales of hauntings and ghost sightings it is popular with paranormal investigators and enthusiasts alike. There are a few theories as to why St. Fagans is so haunted, one theory is that due to fact multiple houses, shops, and churches have been relocated and reconstructed, the previous inhabitants of those buildings have been disturbed and have returned to this plane as tortured souls.

Ghost Tours at St. Fagans

History and hauntings

Discover why Wales’s top heritage attraction, a 100 acre wooded parkland filled with historic buildings in a unique village museum setting, has been called the most haunted museum in the country. Walk through the grounds by torchlight, and into the darkened buildings where the people of Wales worked, worshipped, lived, died and now haunt!

Three ghost tours – dates, times, prices vary, Please check the website for more information

St Fagans Museum Premium Ghost Walk: 130 min. Age 13+

St Fagans Dark Museum Tour: 90 minutes. Age 10+

St Fagans Dark Castle Tour: 100 minutes. Age 10+

For nine years Cardiff History and Hauntings has been thrilling people from all over the world with night time walking  tours through Cardiff’s most historic, and haunted, locations!

No-nonsense no-gimmicks but faithfully researched and delivered true ghost stories, told in the dark at the very spots where they are said to have occurred. Lose yourself in time and fear as the powerful atmosphere and hair raising tales take their toll on your nerves, and be ready, because sometimes things really have gone “bump in the night”!

Halloween Nights

29th Oct – 31 Oct, 6pm-9pm

Halloween is drawing near, and it’s time put on your most blood-curdling costume for an unforgettable night at the Museum. Those familiar, friendly buildings will be showing their dark side as spirits are conjured up with bucketloads of SPOOK-tacular technical wizardry.  New for this year will be an extra-creepy SCARE ZONE for those who like their nightmares on the wild side (age 12+)

Wherever you go, you’re bound to bump into some of our extra ghostly guests. They’re straight out of the weirdest pages of Welsh folklore – and they’d just love to give you a fright or two!

Then as the evening draws to a close we’ll gather together to watch the Wicker Man burn. You can make a wish as the sparks fly high, then join the lantern parade to wind your way home.



History and hauntings

Llandaff Ghost Tours

Make your way by torchlight through the almost forgotten lands beyond Llandaff Cathedral: ancient pathways, wooded lanes, shadowy groves and a forgotten overgrown graveyard.

Mysterious, sad and terrifying true tales await: a mournful white lady; a sinister hooded man; a hideous demon witch; curious ghostly children, and many more.

Two ghost tours – dates, times, prices vary, Please check the website for more information.

 Llandaff Premium Ghost Walk: 130 minutes. 13+

Dark Llandaff Tour: 90 minutes. 10+


Chapel 1877

“Chapel 1877 was built in 1877 and history tells us that many people have been buried here. The lowest level of the building was used in the past as a burial chamber. When our owner bought the building there was a lot of construction work done. One of the members of the construction team always took his dogs with him to work late evenings. They told us that dogs would never go down into the cellar and that they would stand at the top of the stairs and bark, they would never go downstairs even though he would tell them to, this was the first sign that something spooky was at play.

We can still feel a presence there to this day. When staff go to the cellar late at night they report feeling somebody brush past them, but when they turn around there is nothing to be seen. Also we`ve noticed a white shadow on our photos, it has appeared numerous times throughout the years.”

Halloween Jam

Halloween Jam on 27th October, happening over 2 floors with 80s and 90s soul, RnB, and hip-hop classics. Special Halloween Cocktails. Tickets are £10pp

Other Halloween events

Pontcanna Inn's hotel of horrors

Join us at the Pontcanna Inn this Halloween for our Hotel Of Horrors party, There will be a £50 bar tab for the best dressed, drink specials including a Pumpkin Punch & £4 Bloody Margaritas, Scary Movies, Haunting Tunes, Terrifying Treats, Free Entry!

Terrifyingly tasty cocktails at Park Plaza's Laguna Bar

“With a flick of a wand,
And a howl at the moon,
Frightening Cocktails are spawned,
As Halloween Looms.”

Get a taste of the Laguna Bar’s terrifyingly tasty Halloween Cocktail specials.

Available from 26th – 31st October and all priced at £6, take your pick from the selection of these unique concoctions:

Spider Orange- Finlandia Vodka, Martini Rosso, Triple Sec, Orange Juice, Orange Bitters

Witches Brew- Finlandia Vodka, Lychee Liqueur, Grapefruit Juice.

Black Widow- Tequila Silver, Blue Curacao, Lime Juice, Cranberry Juice

Zombie- Bacardi Rum, Bacardi Golden Rum, Grand Marnier, Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice, Lemon, Lime.

Halloween at Red Dragon Centre

Get ready for a spooktacular time at The Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff Bay this half term, with ghoulish balloons and round the clock fun and food all under one roof.

Plus on Halloween Wednesday 31st October bring your little horrors along to our next RDC ECO KIDS event. Between 12-4pm, our eco partners Eggseeds and Pedal Emporium will be hosting FREE eco-friendly fun including creepy crafts and halloween themed pedal powered fun.

Usual parking terms apply. Enjoy 6 hours free customer parking with minimum spend.

Full details here.

Halloween at the Royal Mint Experience

This half term at The Royal Mint Experience we will be running Frankenstein’s Laboratory workshops for children between Monday 29th October and Friday 2nd November.

Young Scientists are invited to assist Dr Victor Frankenstein’s ground breaking laboratory where they will assist in his unusual experiments including his secret technique to impart life to non-living matter!

40 minute workshops are FREE with your Royal Mint Experience tour ticket, before or after your tour at 11am, 12.15pm, 1.30pm and 2.45pm each day. Please allow up to 90 minutes for the tour.

You will also have a chance to Strike Your Own Frankenstein Coin!*

To book your tour tickets and take part in the Frankenstein’s Laboratory Workshops click here or call 0333 241 2223.

*additional charges apply

Creative Cardiff's Halloween Spooktacular

On Saturday 27th October Cardiff Creative Shop is 6 months old and to celebrate we are holding a Halloween Spooktacular event! With live entertainment, fancy dress, pumpkin carving, catered food and Halloween decoration/ gift making all day from 10-6pm in the Capitol Shopping Centre.

Breakout Cardiff's October Spook-Fest

Halloween is upon us making our rooms scarier than ever! Between October 25th – November 1st Cursed Carnival, Disturbed and Vacancy are the chosen rooms to be filled with terrific treats and terrifying tricks to entertain those who love all things frightening! With 60 minutes to break out of a locked room, could fear be the motivator to help you escape?

Depot Cardiff's Scarehouse

On Saturday 27th October the DEPOT warehouse becomes the Scarehouse – an immersive evening of tricks and treats. Our warehouse will be transformed into a scarehouse with Halloween dressing and props. You’ll be able to meet characters from the dark side, be taken into secret spaces that you never knew were there. Alongside the Scarehouse there will be plenty of Halloween themed cocktails and street food to tuck into as well as some live music.

Tickets and info

Cathays Cemetery Walk

A Brief History of the Victorian Cemetery located at Cathays. The walk takes roughly 1 1/2 hours 21 October @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm This event is free. book your place here