Let us guess, you’re single and fed up of the corny Valentine’s Day messages. Right?

Well, do we have the holiday for you! Singles Awareness Day is celebrated the day after Valentines Day and it’s all about appreciating time with yourself.

Now some people mistakenly think that us singletons get fed up of the corny cards and commercials because we’re all crying alone, in a dark room, watching our fifth consecutive episode of a boxset, while our spoon scrapes the bottom of a Ben & Jerry’s. But the truth is many of us like being single. We’re happy and comfortable in our own skin, and we don’t derive our self-worth from the validation of others. *mic drop*

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve come up with a list of things visitors can do in Cardiff this Singles Awareness Day and across the weekend, that are perfect for those who are embracing the freedom of an independent lifestyle…


1. Create your own adventure at Cardiff International White Water.

Don’t wait around for someone else to whisk you off your feet, create your own adventure! Head over to Cardiff International White Water at the International Sports Village in Cardiff Bay and surf the ‘indoor wave’. It’s a super fun bodyboarding activity that will get your heart racing and the really good part… they sell individual tickets so you can join a session with up to 10 others. Go on… get out there and rock that wetsuit!


2. Treat yo’ self.

St David's Hotel & Spa Pool

Cardiff has a range of luxury spa hotels, like the Park Plaza, Voco St. Davids and the Hilton. So honey, have a ‘me day’ and treat yourself to a day pass – it’s the perfect way to pamper and unwind.


3. Take yourself out on the town.

A Night With The Welsh National Opera at WMC

Check out the variety of theatres and cultural venues in the city and bag yourself a bargain! As individual seats are more difficult to sell, you’re usually able to get a last minute discount if you give them a call… and if you are on your own, there’s no one to pinch you popcorn!


4. Skate like nobody’s watching.

Get your skates on! Book an Ice Skating session at the Viola Arena, and use the alone time to glide across the ice and practise your moves without worrying about what you look like falling over! Then treat yourself to a banging burger in the Grazing Shed next door, it may not be a candlelit dinner but they’re one of Cardiff’s best indie foot outlets so you’re sure to love it.


5. You don’t need a date to dine.

It’s not always easy to find somewhere to eat when you are on your own, but Yo Sushi in St David’s Shopping Centre is perfect. With individual seats at the bar, hop on a stool and grab a drink and bite to eat from the belt… ideal if you don’t want to be surrounded by loving couples.


6. Long walks along the waterfront aren’t just for couples.

Find your zen with a relaxing boat trip from the city centre to Cardiff Bay. Then hop on a Next Bike or travel by foot and explore the scenic Bay waterfront including the Barrage and Wetland Reserve… and at least there is no one to argue with about directions, are we right?!


7. Celebrate your independence at Cardiff’s independent quarter.

Did you know that Cardiff is famous for its beautiful Victorian and Edwardian Arcades? With a variety of shops that are independent (just like you) why not explore what’s on offer and treat yourself to a unique gift?


8. Spend some quality ‘me time’.

200 Degrees CoffeeThe coffee scene has really exploded recently with venues like Little Man Coffee Co. and 200 Degrees in the city centre or Coffi Co. in Cardiff Bay, so cwtch up with your favourite book, or bury yourself in your headphones and watch the world go by as you enjoy some food from the tasty brunch menus (did somebody mention avocados?)


9. Everybody needs someone to cwtch.

Not a traditional visitor attraction, but guaranteed to make you smile, is Build a Bear! Located in the Queens Arcade.

10.   Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

YHA Cardiff

Hostels have really upped their game in the accommodation stakes and the bar and kitchen areas are a great way to meet independent travelers and nomads from all over the world. Feeling adventurous? Pack a bag and book the next flight out from Cardiff Airport. With a variety of European flights who knows where you will end up?!