Whether you are new to cycling or in search of ultimate challenge, Cardiff has plenty to offer.

Taking up cycling in the capital of Wales can be easier than you may think. Whether you want to get from point A to point B or explore the city, cycling turns out to be the best and quickest option.

“No sweat, just pure enjoyment and relaxation!”

Pol van Steelant, a bike fanatic, who runs Cardiff Cycle Tours shows that cycling is not always only about exercise. Steelant takes people on journeys of discovery which give a real insight into this city. “No sweat, just pure enjoyment and relaxation,” says Pol.

The city has been working hard to improve its cycling culture and has been developing many traffic- free trails. Cardiff Council provides guidance and free cycling maps. There are different routes to cycle on. You can plan your journey accordingly, whether you prefer a traffic free route or a quiet road.

Pedalling reaches out to people of all ages and it can be a great alternative choice for commuters as it costs nothing and promotes healthy activity. There are many cycling stands provided throughout the city, making leaving your bike an option.

To get more information about getting around Cardiff by bike, Keep Cardiff Moving is where to go. The website is regularly updated with tips, maps and advice. “We even offer cycle training for those that would like to gain more confidence cycling”, says Gail Bodley-Scot from the website.

Cycle Training Wales also equips cyclists with the skills to make every bike journey the most enjoyable option. This leading provider delivers courses on how to cycle safely both on and off-road. “We conduct a wide range of projects to encourage people to cycle. We offer cycle training, maintenance courses run by Dr Bike and cycle workshops to help cyclists ride better and safer”, says Nick Grant-Canham, training manager at Cycle Training Wales.

No doubt, pedaling a bicycle in Cardiff can be very beneficial. It is not only a great way to cut transport costs and prompt you to get fitter but also a fantastic way of exploring the parts of the city you might not have otherwise seen. So pop on a bike and enjoy a ride! 

Best cycling paths in Cardiff

Cardiff BayCardiff Bay Trail- is great for those that don’t want to go as far and has many options for picnics, nature reserves and also options of linking onto the Ely Trail and heading to St Fagans.
(10 km)
Cardiff is Family Fun 2Taff Trail- this largely traffic free path can be a fun and scenic way to explore the city or simply an alternative route to commute to work, school, or university. It goes from Cardiff Bay all the way to Brecon Beacons.
Rhymney Trail- incorporates stunning views with a chance to discover a bit of local history and nature. It follows along the Rhymney River to Llanederyn.
(3.5 km)