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All of Wales is currently in a national lockdown at alert level 4. Please do not visit Cardiff at this time.

Please be aware that Wales is currently in a national lockdown, at alert level 4. Please do not visit Cardiff at this time. The information you will find on this page is intended for residents, and essential workers living or working in Cardiff.

Cardiff City Centre


Q:  Can I visit Cardiff City Centre?

A: You should only visit Cardiff City Centre if you live locally – within walking distance – and have a legitimate reason to do so. For example; you are shopping for essential items, or you are a key worker going to work.


Q: Is Bute Park open?

A: Yes, Cardiff’s parks remain open during the Covid-19 pandemic and play an important role in supporting the good health and wellbeing of citizens of Cardiff. Bute Park continues to be a popular part of people’s daily routines during lockdown but it is vital that the latest Welsh Government guidance is followed in order to manage the risk of infection from the coronavirus which causes Covid-19. To find out more please visit the Bute Park official website.


Q: Where can I access public toilets?

A: Please be advised that during the lockdown period city centre toilets can be found at St David’s 2 Shopping Mall on the ground floor near the food outlets.


Q: Are the hotels open for essential workers?

A: Yes, some hotels have remained open for essential workers. Such as; Holiday Inn, The Clayton Hotel, The Angel Hotel, Hilton Cardiff, IBIS Budget, Future Inn, Holiday Inn Express Cardiff Bay, Voco St David’s, Citrus Hotel, and Novotel.


Q: Is public transport still Running?
A: Public transport is still operating at a reduced capacity and frequency. Please note that you must only use public transport if your journey is essential.

Here you will find further information about essential travel via train:

Here you will find further information about essential travel via bus:


Q: Is Cardiff Airport still operating?

A: As a vital part of the transport infrastructure in Wales it is essential that Cardiff Airport remains open, as it has done throughout the pandemic, for legitimate air movements including cargo, essential flights, and to facilitate sports team travel.

To find out about safety measures, and travelling via Cardiff Airport please visit the official website.

Cardiff Bay

Q: Can I visit Cardiff Bay?

A: You should only travel to Cardiff Bay if you are local and live within walking distance. If you do visit, please adhere to the 2m social distancing rule when you are visiting Cardiff Bay.


Q: What outdoor attractions are open along the Cardiff Bay barrage?

A: The Skate Plaza and AdiZone on the barrage embankment are currently closed. The playground is open, but it is operating at a reduced capacity, If you do visit the playground please ensure your child maintains social distancing.


Q: Are there public toilets open in Cardiff Bay?

A: The public toilets located near the Skate Plaza on the barrage embankment will remain closed during the lockdown. The public toilets located in the Mermaid Quay atrium have will remain closed during the lockdown.


Q: Are sailing and water sports allowed?

A: Boat movements are restricted – for more information visit the Notice to Mariners section on The slipways at CIWW and Channel View Leisure Centre are closed, and you must not launch from any other location.




Please remember to wash your hands regularly . This is especially important whilst shopping, if you’ve picked up a package, or are about to handle food.


Wearing a face covering is now a legal requirement in all public indoor places for all persons aged 11 and over. This includes shops and shopping centres, places of worship, hairdressers and salons, gyms and leisure centres; as well as buses, trains, trams, taxis, boats and aeroplanes.


Please remember that during social meetings, and at all other times, you must keep the appropriate 2m social distancing between you and anybody that is not a member of your household.


For the most up to date information, advice and guidance on the changing COVID-19 situation, please visit:



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