Thursday 15 November
4.30pm – 7.30pm
City Centre


The Official Start to Christmas in Cardiff!

See the city centre undergo a spectacular transformation with a cornucopia of Christmassy characters, music, lights and entertainment.

Join the merriment and watch some truly magical festive performances in various locations across the city centre.

Please note the Christmas lights will be on prior to the start of Step into Christmas and twinkle to light as it gets dark. There is no ‘light switch-on’ moment – the fun goes on for hours!

Highlights Include:

• See Ben and Holly from Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom
• Festive street theatre
• Craft Folk Christmas Markets on The Hayes
• Santa’s Grotto on Queen Street
• Late night shopping and in-store offers
• Opening of Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland with Admiral Ice Rink

Step into Christmas

Step into Christmas Shows
3D BrassA heart thumping, party pumping fun time from the new brass kids on the block
ArcoA free-standing, air-filled arch changes colour with its own light show while perfectly framing the amazing aerial performer.
Ben and HollyThese popular Children's TV Characters turn Cardiff into their "Little Kingdom" for the night with plenty of meet and greet opportunities.
Brace Your ElvesWith a classic 1950's Christmas feel, these elves perform acrobatics and balancing acts on and around a large bobbin.?
Bruce AirheadCan a man fit inside of a balloon? Find out in this incredible and very funny show.
Cardiff Melingriffith Brass BandChristmas songs Carols from popular traditional brass band
Christmas CrackersOutsize crackers, complete with dodgy jokes! They'll entertain the whole family. Children will love the idea of crackers coming to life, men will marvel at their golden bells and women will just want to 'pull' them!
Christmas ToysTwo Christmas toys, a stilted tin soldier and a ragdoll, come to life to roam the streets of cardiff
Crumpet and The PenguinsMeet Crumpet or Crumpetta the Elf and the penguin family. With a passion for fish, these inquisitive larger than life birds follow wherever the bucket of trout goes.
Darren de Lusion A suave but totally inept magician and his cameraman are filming the ‘Darren de Lusion Christmas Special’ live in Cardiff. Darren performs his ‘astonishing’ seasonal illusions and escapology to astounded shoppers.
Elvish Pressies Christmas really starts to rock when these pointy eared teddy elves roll into town Cruising in their battery powered battery powered Hot Rods with 1950's festive tunes blasting from the car radio.
ExplorersJoin our ice-encrusted heroes on their tragic-comic quest for the South Pole.
Witness real men with beards marching together towards their inevitable end. Heroic failure at its finest!
Ghost CaribouGiant illuminated creatures, part caribou, part spirit, roam a mystical world after dark, accompanied by a wild herdsperson.
Glitter BellesDisco inspired, illuminated stilted costume characters, the shiniest act around.
Joy Riding Reindeer Meet Basher and Crasher, the cud chewin’, fun lovin’, hoovy groovy reindeer. Whilst Santa wasn’t looking the rebel reindeer pinched his sleigh and are now cruising the streets blasting out the Christmas tunes.
Juggling InfernoSpectacular fire juggling show from internationally respected company.
LightwalkersTowering LED lit Christmassy bells provide a marvellous festive spectacle
Meanderthals Two fantasy walkabout characters carry their enormous loads humming to themselves. When they slow to a halt they are spurred on by the little disgruntled passengers stowed away in their luggage.
Musical RuthA crazy nun singing carols astride a moving piano? par for the course at Step Into Christmas
Nothing Like a DameThese jolly panto characters too early for Christmas! Oh no they're not!
Snow Lion and Red QueenA beautiful Snow Lion and a Red Queen parade regally
Swank Christmas PartyCarol and Belle invite you round to see their beautiful hostess trolley that plays all your favourite seasonal party tunes. A full-sized Christmas tree sits on top, bedecked with presents and festooned with fairy lights
Tap Dancing ReindeerThese shy beasts have somehow ended up entertaining the public with their tap dancing skills for carrots. Feed with care.
The Bouncing ElvesTheir springy legs allow them leap high above the crowd and see who deserves a visit from santa
The Glitter MinersEver wondered where all the Christmas glitter comes from? Meet the Glitter Miners!
The Snow GlobeA beautiful, ethereal globe containing an icy Snow Queen glides gracefully by.
There is nothing like a Dame"Oh no it isn’t – oh yes it is!" All the fun of a panto as the Ugly Sisters get their comeuppance from Buttons.
Winter Wonderland BirdsHuge, illuminated and beautiful Christmas birds
WonderbrassCardiff's brilliant brass party band are still going strong after 25 years!

Download the Step into Christmas programme

Travel with Cardiff Bus:

Family tickets will be reduced from 3pm on 15 Nov!

Only £5.30 in the Cardiff & Penarth zone.
Only £7.50 in the Cardiff & Barry zone.

Terms & conditions apply – see for more details.

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