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How to Draw a Dinosaur


17 Feb 2020 - 15 Apr 2020


The Royal Mint Experience, Llantrisant CF72 8YT

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£8 per person or £4.00 when booked with a tour

Learn how to draw your own dinosaur, bringing one of these amazing creatures back to life on paper.

The workshop is led by Robert Nicholls, an artist who works with museums all over the world to create scientifically accurate illustrations of dinosaurs by analysing the materials found in their fossils. During the workshop we will be reconstructing a dinosaur from the inside out, from fossils to a skeleton, then soft tissue and integument, then colour and pose.

This event is suitable for for adults and children from age 7+ and lasts approximately 2 hours.

Event Dates

08Apr - 11:00 How to Draw a Dinosaur
15Apr - 11:00 How to Draw a Dinosaur