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City Stories: Photographs of Cardiff 1969-1977


01 Oct 2022 - 08 Dec 2022


10:30 - 16:30


The Senedd, Cardiff Bay

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Pete Davis’ photographs of Splott were taken at a time when the steelworks was closing and the area was being redeveloped. As one of the main employers in Cardiff, the steelworks’ closure began a transition that would see a part of the city disappear forever.

Having grown up in Splott, Pete returned to the area on numerous occasions during this period to capture the environment:
“Conscious of the very major changes and the upheaval to long-term residents, I would record the street life and the gradual decay of the urban landscape that I had regarded as home until the mid-1960s.”

Beyond Splott, the wider city was also changing. Coming out of the post-war era, Cardiff was developing a new infrastructure which transformed the way people navigated and utilised the city.

Over fifty years later, Pete’s photographs give new audiences the opportunity to reflect on a time and place that changed both visually and culturally.