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Important Information on Covid Passes

Are you planning to visit a nightclub in Cardiff?

People who go to nightclubs in Wales need to show a Covid Pass* to gain entry.

The Welsh Government have set out the difference between a nightclub and a bar, and the regulations say a nightclub would be somewhere:

  • that is authorised for the sale or supply of alcohol.
  • where live or recorded music is provided for members of the public or members of the venue to dance.
  • that’s open at any time between midnight and 5am.

If you are unsure if the above applies to the venue that you are planning to visit, please check with the venue. You can get a paper or digital certificate online.

Are you planning to visit cinemas, theatres, concert halls, arenas and stadiums in Cardiff?

You are required to show proof of full Covid-19 vaccination or proof of a negative Covid-19 LFT test to enjoy the entertainment at these venues. You can get a paper or digital certificate online. For more information, please see the short video below.

*Find out everything you need to know about the Covid Pass on the Welsh Government website.