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Please check out the current COVID-19 guidance in Wales below. For further information, please visit the Welsh Government website.

You can help to keep Wales safe by:

  • Getting your initial and booster Covid-19 vaccines
  • Remembering that outdoors is safer than indoors
  • Self-isolating and taking a lateral flow test if you have symptoms
  • Wearing a face covering when in busy or crowded settings

Current Covid-19 Legislation and Guidance from 28 March 2022:

  • Face coverings are strongly encouraged (but no longer legally required) on public transport, in shops and local attractions.
  • Face coverings remain legally required (unless medically exempt) in health and social settings such as pharmacies and hospitals.
  • You are strongly encouraged (but no longer legally required) to self-isolate if test positive for Covid-19.
  • Self-isolation payments remain available to those who are eligible, that test positive for Covid-19 until June 2022.
  • From 1 April 2022, free PCR testing is no longer available for Welsh residents but free LFTs remain available for those with symptoms to request.