We caught up with Cardiff’s latest hometown hero and sporting icon Geraint Thomas after his hero’s welcome on 9th August 2018 at Cardiff Castle and picked his brains on why he thinks people should Visit Cardiff.

Proceedings started at Cardiff Bay, with a sprawling crowd and proud faces and yellow t shirts spanning as far as the eye can see; from the bottom of Y Senedd steps.

With small children on their parents shoulders scrambling to get a view, Welsh flags flying high and proud in the air, dragons painted on faces and the entire crowd breaking out a rendition of ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ and other Welsh anthems; the atmosphere was electric and contagious.

After being greeted by First Minister Carwyn Jones, and an uproar of cheers from the crowd, the celebration moved from one Cardiff iconic landmark to another, Cardiff Castle. Geraint Thomas got on his bike, adorning his new Yellow jersey and rode to Cardiff Castle. Passing crowds bursting with patriotic enthusiasm on his way, while being tailed by other locals cycling enthusiasts.

Once at the Castle the Lord Mayor, Geraint and supporters were treated to a reading of poem ‘paen really’ by author and poet Max Boyce, written about wales’ first Tour De France winner and how they deserved a knighthood and their bike deserved a ‘gong’.

Shortly after we Caught up with Geraint Thomas and asked…

“You have put Cardiff on the map in the sports world. As a proud ‘Cardiffian’ why would you say people should visit Cardiff?”

“I grew up here, I love Cardiff, there’s so much…

The Castle, obviously!

The sunshine and beer

You have venues like Millennium Stadium… opps Principality Stadium

You have Cardiff City in the Premier League now, it can’t get any better!

Cardiff Devils are doing well now – and the Cardiff Blues are winning in Europe.

We are doing well with sport! Though I don’t know why George went to the Ospreys!?! Terrible!!! Ha”