Helpful Hints for Writing a Summary Paragraph

  1. Underline all possible who, what, when, where, why or how’s in the article or make a list of them on a separate sheet of paper. If you make a list on a separate sheet of paper, you can set the article aside and reference that list when you are writing your paragraph. This will help you use your own words and avoid plagiarism.
  2. Find the main idea. What do all of the facts that you wrote refer to? What is the main “what” of the article?
  3. Your topic sentence should include the main idea of the article.
  4. The body of your paragraph should include the important facts that support or explain the main idea.
  5. Your closing sentence should restate the main idea of the summary in a different way.
  6. Use your own words.
  • Who- who/what is the event happening to OR who is performing the event
  • What – what is the event
  • When – when did the event happen or when is it going to happen
  • Where – where did it happen
  • Why – what is the cause of/reason for the event
  • How – how did it happen OR how is it possible OR how are people reacting


Feature image should be landscape never portrait with the dimensions
You can include a gallery of images also, the preferred dimensions for these are

Events Criteria

The events we list can be hyperlocal but must also be of a high enough quality to appeal to international visitors as well as residents. There should be sufficient publicity/web presence or social events (on Facebook for example) surrounding the events to be able to signpost visitors to, should they require more information, directions or prices.
Events must be no longer than one month in duration

Would you travel to Cardiff for this event?

Our aim is to attract visitors from key international markets. We strive to promote Cardiff and market is locally and internationally. To build Cardiff’s reputation as a global events destination and also build advocacy from the local community. There may be events that we will feature because of their unique nature and their ability to bring visitors to that specific area or raise their profile for Wales.

Major Events

These are defined by ability to attract and influence large-scale international audiences and extensive media coverage. The events should deliver economic impact and significant visitor numbers for the host destinations. They can command global TV audiences and involve major international sponsors. They can have a positive impact in influencing specific market segments and in changing attitudes and behaviours. These international events are not “owned” by Cardiff and would have to choose Cardiff in the face of international competition. Examples include the Ashes Test Match, Rugby’s Heineken Cup Final, Golf’s Senior Open Championship, WOMEX, the Rugby World Cup matches and the UEFA Champions League Final.

Signature Events

These events can also have a strong international dimension but unlike the category of major events described above they are recurring. They are also either unique to Wales or distinctively Welsh in flavour, and reflect our culture, traditions and values. They enhance the image and cultural identity of Wales and provide a high quality experience for the people of Wales and for visitors. Successful Signature Events continuously re-invigorate and replenish their audiences. Examples include established events such as the Cardiff Half Marathon.

Growth Events

These are typically smaller, often new, events with a footprint and focus that is regional, local or sector led and which demonstrate the ambition and potential to evolve and grow to become Major or Signature Events for Wales. These events can also act as milestones in growing the capacity, experience and credibility of destination Wales, acting as a necessary precursor to the hosting of targeted major events. Examples include Comedy Festivals.

Benefits of joining the Visit Cardiff Network

You are able to list your even on free of charge, however there are promotional opportunities available to you through the Visit Cardiff Network.

Visit Cardiff Network membership

The Visit Cardiff Network membership entitles you to not only a premium listing but also access to the Visit Cardiff marketing and content strategy from March 2017-April 2018.

This includes:

  • Events – Submit your events to us to feature on the events listing page and your specific events will also appear on your listing.
  • Features in our monthly e-newsletters to our database of 20,000 subscribers
  • Editorial on our blog and opportunity to work with our lifestyle bloggers network
  • Promotion via @visitcardiff, Visit Cardiff Facebook and Instagram
  • Access to quarterly networking events with other members