Did you know there is FREE WiFi in Cardiff city centre & Cardiff Bay.

You can access Cardiff’s free WiFi service in a range of public places (hotspots) and buses*, such as the Cardiff City Centre, Cardiff Bay, Public Buildings and some other public areas to connect your laptop, tablet or mobile device to the internet when you’re away from home or your office.

*Buses who provide free WIFI are Cardiff Bus and EasyWay Travel.

How do I access the free WiFi service in Cardiff?

Where can I access Cardiff’s free WiFi service?

Get the Cardiff Free WiFi map to find out where you can connect (Click pictures to view full map):

Cardiff Free WiFi is also available throughout a number of public buildings across the City, including:

• Libraries
• Leisure Centres
• Community centres
• Civic buildings and amenities
• Youth Centres
• Visitor Centres
• Theatres
• Other public buildings