Introducing Wales, a country of incomparable natural and cultural beauty.

Cardiff is the Capital of Wales, a country of incomparable natural and cultural beauty and the city is the perfect gateway to the delights of the country. It takes only a short journey to leave the capital behind and discover the rest of Wales. This varied and fascinating landscape takes in beautiful beaches and dramatic coastlines, charming villages, valleys and mountains.

Wales offers plenty of opportunities for escaping into the wild with an abundance of wonderful places to explore, whether it be climbing up mountains, rambling along river valleys or walking along surf-battered cliffs. Wales is also a hiker’s paradise with an extensive network of footpaths and with the Brecon Beacons National Park less than half an hour drive from Cardiff, it is the ideal place for walking, climbing, mountain biking or fishing.
Hiraeth: a Welsh word for a longing for one’s homeland
It’s hard to go anywhere in Wales without coming across a Castle as there are more than 600 of them dotted around the country; some are moss covered ruins, while some still have families living in them. Wales’ history has left a trail of Iron Age hill forts, Roman ruins and castles built by medieval Welsh Princes and English Kings. And further back into Wales’ prehistory there are also mysterious stone circles, megalithic monuments and standing stones erected long before any histories were put to paper.

Wales is also a wonderful beach-holiday destination, with some of the very best bits of British coastline. The Gower Peninsula was the UK’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – a place to relax on award-winning beaches, and to explore unspoilt countryside.

The Welsh name of the country is Cymru, which means “fellow countrymen”. The name Wales was the Anglo Saxon word for “stranger” or “foreigner” (the “wall” at the end of “Cornwall” England has the same meaning).

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