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International Sports Village Plans Revealed

A new masterplan to complete the International Sports Village in Cardiff Bay has been revealed.

The site, which is currently home to the Cardiff International White Water Rafting Centre, the Ice Arena Wales and the International Swimming Pool, could soon host a number of new sporting facilities, including:

  • A 333m velodrome with clubhouse and stand;
  • A 1km closed-loop circuit, for cycling, running and scooters/roller blades
  • A large format bicycle shop
  • Space to attract new adventure sport/leisure attractions
  • Additional car parking space
  • A Zip Wire tower
  • Food, drink and retail opportunities.

As well as becoming home to the city’s new Velodrome, the entire Village could be encircled by a 1km long, six metre wide, road-cycling, running and scooter/roller blade circuit. This track would be separated from pedestrian and vehicle traffic and would also be free to use for the general public at specified times.

Cardiff Council’s Cabinet will consider the masterplan at its next meeting on Thursday, March 18, where it will be asked to grant council officers the authority to deliver the new velodrome and to continue to negotiate a land deal in the area to allow the plans to progress. Once the detailed business case work has been completed to demonstrate how the plans will be funded, local communities will be consulted on the masterplan as part of the planning process.

Cabinet Member for Investment and Development, Cllr Russell Goodway, said: “The council started the regeneration of this land in the Bay in 1999. It has proven to be a complex, long-term project involving extensive land reclamation and remediation works and significant infrastructure investment. However, these new plans could see a velodrome opened by 2022 and a raft of exciting new sports attractions delivered to complete the attraction, bringing an exciting new space to Cardiff for residents and visitors to enjoy.

“We are also in discussions to accelerate the development of the nearby waterfront area, to complete the new residential district. The bay edge walkway would be fully retained for public use and the current road system could be remodelled to create an enhanced pedestrian environment at the heart of the leisure development, all while ensuring full traffic access to current and new residential developments.”

Anne Adams-King, CEO of Welsh Cycling, said: “Welsh Cycling have been involved with Cardiff Council in the discussions about the relocation of the velodrome from Maindy to the Sports Village and are excited about the opportunities that this will bring for cycling.

“Welsh Cycling have been involved throughout the process and British Cycling have also provided technical input. Furthermore, we have been assured of no lack of continuity of use between Maindy and the new facility.

“We are very much looking forward to continuing to work with the Council’s Project Team to help
to develop a facility that will support the growth of cycling.”

Deian Jones, Chair of Maindy Flyers Cycling Club, said: “As a growing club with an illustrious history, Maindy Flyers welcomes Cardiff Council’s commitment to a seamless transition to a new facility. Development of the closed road circuit together with the new velodrome will provide a safe environment to develop youth cycling further, and will be appreciated by the club’s membership comprising over 150 riders all of which are under 18.”


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