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Cardiff is a city of musicians, creatives, venues and music lovers.

Cardiff is the first city in the UK to incorporate music urbanism into a city’s development approach, from integrating music infrastructure into our city regeneration plans, to promoting and creating music opportunities for social wellbeing, to encouraging talent development, performance, production and music tourism.

Music urbanism harnesses the value that music brings to a city and aims to integrate music in all aspects of city life. Music is part of what makes Cardiff such a great place to live, work and visit and we are always ready to welcome and inspire visitors and musicians from across the world to experience music and to perform in our city.

Cardiff is proud to be the UK’s first Music City, find out more about the great work being undertaken and the upcoming Cardiff Music City Festival.

Pro tip: Venture into Roath, where you can find The Globe and The Gate music venues, amongst a thriving food and drink district.

Cardiff undertook a comprehensive music ecosystem analysis in 2018, to inform our Cardiff music strategy, working with the global leaders of the music city movement, Sound Diplomacy. The outcome of this work was for Cardiff to build on what is so special to the city and work towards the aspiration of becoming an internationally renowned ‘Music City’.

Cardiff’s Leader, Cllr Huw Thomas believes that ‘Music is a national utility for the soul that requires investment’, which is exactly what we are doing.


Cardiff has a rich and fascinating musical heritage and a currently enjoys a thriving, vibrant, growing music scene. You can enjoy diverse genres across the city in grassroots music venues, concern halls, arena, conservatoires, festivals, on the street and events.

Cardiff is home to an impressive number of musicians per capita, a world class symphonic Concert Hall, whose acoustics are celebrated amongst the best the world and a fast-growing music ecosystem that’s ready to welcome the world to be part of our music journey.


Our independent venues have helped give exposure to many Cardiff-based bands and artists that have built up a solid following - take a read of five up-and-upcoming names on the local music scene.

Listen to handpicked Welsh artists, with songs in English and Welsh.


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