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Welsh artist GWCCI lead Wales ‘into the fray’ with their latest single, "I'R GÂD"

Friday 8 September 2023 · Welsh Rugby Union


The Welsh Rugby Union collaborate with Welsh rap band, GWCCI, on rugby anthem ahead of the rugby world cup.

The song entitled, “I’R GÂD”, is a heartfelt tribute to Welsh culture, the nation’s rugby heritage, and to the enduring pride of the Welsh people. Roughly translated as ‘to the fray’ or ‘to battle’, “I’R GÂD” is a contemporary anthem for a new generation of rugby fans and is being promoted in partnership with the WRU.

‘I’R GÂD’ draws comparisons between the battlefield and the rugby pitch, highlighting the fierce physicality and unwavering commitment required by the game. Working in collaboration with the WRU, GWCCI, hopes the track will inspire the squad, just as their hard work and dedication inspires rugby fans back home.

Speaking on behalf of GWCCI, a representative of Recordiau Bica said: “GWCCI’s I’R GÂD is not just a song; it’s an expression of Welsh rugby passion and how this is ingrained in Welsh culture. We hope it will become an exciting and unifying anthem that inspires a nation.”

Woven seamlessly throughout “I’R GÂD” is the poetic beauty of the Welsh language, reflecting the profound importance of the Welsh language and adding depth and resonance to the song.

The song evokes legendary figures of Welsh rugby, such as Gareth Edwards, Barry John and JPR Williams—the heroes of the 1970s generation. ‘I’R GÂD’ also commemorates past Welsh rugby icons Phil Bennett, JJ Williams and Ray Gravell, and even samples a clip of legendary commentary by the inimitable late, great Eddie Butler.

As the torch passes to a new era, the song heralds the rise of a young and dynamic team, poised to create their own chapter in the annals of Welsh rugby world cup history.

The track was previewed by Wales’ Josh Adams and Taine Basham who are the squad’s music committee. They said: “It’s great to hear something new and different that celebrates Welsh rugby and culture. We think they’ve  done a great job capturing both through their music. It’s been great to get an exclusive preview of the song for the squad to listen to and we hope fans get behind it.”.

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