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Invisible Ocean


27 Jul 2024 - 08 Sep 2024


Wales Millennium Centre, Bute Place, Cardiff Bay CF10 5AL

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Get ready to take the plunge with a series of shared interactive experiences that will take you beneath the surfaces of the ocean to reveal the secrets to our survival on land. 

Far beyond the shore, there is a hidden kingdom full of mystery and wonder – crucial to our very existence, yet under extreme threat from changes to our climate and undeniable human impact. 

Come with us on an impossible journey to witness the ocean from an entirely new perspective as we shrink you down to the size of micro-plankton, show you the world as echolocation, and immerse you in bioluminescence! 



Ride a jellyfish. Meet a leatherback turtle. Come face-to-face with a whale shark. From the perspective of a tiny plankton, you’ll explore the ocean in stunning virtual reality – and see why the need to protect it is so urgent. 

Drop in the Ocean is an interactive, social virtual-reality experience that takes you down to the marine depths of the Midnight Zone – and directly into the plastic pollution crisis plaguing the world’s oceans. 

Narrated by Philippe and Ashlan Cousteau and created by Vision3 in partnership with Conservation International. Inspired by the work of Academy Award-winning micro-photographer Peter Parks. 



Critical Distance is a shared immersive experience which uses groundbreaking mixed reality (MR) to bring audiences into the world of Southern Resident orcas in North America’s Pacific Northwest. 

Seen through the eyes of Kiki – an eight-year-old orca who carries the expectations and future of her pod on her shoulders. Experience how Kiki communicates with her family through echolocation, and together face the daily perils threatening her famous ‘J-Pod’. 

Critical Distance ends with hope, equipping audiences with a mission to help protect Kiki, her family, and her home in the sea.  

Narrated by Jamie Margolin and created by Vision3 in partnership with Microsoft, featuring sound design by Aaron Day. 



Embark on a digital scavenger hunt and use your mobile devices to reveal some of the world’s most remarkable marine creatures – too tiny for the human eye to see! Explore our interactive projection screen to discover the magic of bioluminescence and use your whole body to make some waves.