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Luisa Omielan | Bitter


06 Apr 2024


20:30 - 22:45


Wales Millennium Centre, Bute Place, Cardiff Bay CF10 5AL

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So you know how like the world doesn’t make any f*cking sense.

And working hard and doing the right thing no longer seems to cut it. In fact, anyone who is in Power seems to be either a self-serving egotistical maniac or has the moral backbone of a flaccid wet fish. Is it any wonder more women are staying single and choosing not to have children. I mean not, me, not by choice anyway. My single childless status is purely thanks to my cock-blocking dog. She is iconic but very protective.

Hi, I’m Luisa Omielan. Following the rules hasn’t worked, I’ve tried. The game just feels rigged. But you can’t say that. Just smile bitch. Write a gratitude journal and manifest.

Am I bitter? Of course I am. Are you angry? You should be.

Is this a comedy show? Absof*ckinglutely.

Luisa Omielan is a comedic force of nature. Comedy’s first BAFTA Breakthrough winner, four smash hit shows on the bounce, a “genre defining” special called God is a Woman, sold out runs in the West End, a star of Live at the Apollo; she’s even been described as masterminding “one of the biggest stand up hits of the decade” by The Guardian.

Luisa has endured years of people telling her she’s too loud, too crass and too emotional. But on the contrary her audiences tell her she’s incredible, hilarious, life changing and a f*cking superstar.

She’s over it, she’s done and she no longer gives two f*cks. If following the rules in the book don’t work for us anymore, maybe it’s time we write some new ones.