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The Creepy Boys


09 Nov 2024


20:30 - 22:30


Wales Millennium Centre, Bute Place, Cardiff Bay CF10 5AL

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You’re invited: twin orphans, The Creepy Boys, are throwing their 13th birthday party.

It will have everything. Games. Gifts. Possibly Satan. Probably Cake. Combining 2000s sexy songs, satanic rituals, and Willam Dafoe, these horny little boys do whatever it takes to make their birthday dreams come true.

This is one birthday party you’d be cursed to miss.

The twins recruit the audience to help them set up their party – with all the deference and direct eye contact you’d expect from attending a twin-teen birthday blast – before driving the show off a horror-comedy cliff. Think the twins from The Shining meets My Super Sweet 16.

Through sexy dances, party games and reenacting their own birth, the Creepy Boys ramp up the chaos to the point of a blood sacrifice, all while interrogating the trappings of millennial nostalgia. From real-life-lovers-turned-identical-twins, Sam Kruger (Winner – Just for Laughs Comedy Award 2019) and S.E. Grummett (Winner – Best Theatre, Adelaide Fringe 2021) comes a bizarre comedy with just a splash of the occult.