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Thank you for joining the Visit Cardiff Network

By completing the sign up form, I confirm that I am an authorised signatory for and on behalf of the organisation. I accept that this order will incorporate and bind to the T&C. The terms and conditions can be found at the end of this form.

In order for your premium listing webpage to be built, please send 500 words of copy describing your business (max. 500 words), directions and content information and images in the following dimensions: Banner Image (1900×675), Gallery (around 5) (850×480),¬† Logo (200×200) and Thumbnail (360×253). Please send this information within 10 days of signing up.

Terms and Conditions

1. Payment is due by return. For methods of payment please see reverse of invoice.

2. As part of the Visit Cardiff Network membership, the Visit Cardiff Network member is responsible for supplying up-to-date content to be used in any marketing benefit. If any updates are required, you must provide new content to your account manager for this to be changed.

3. The Visit Cardiff Network member is responsible for ensuring all Visit Cardiff Network benefits are used within the annual membership. Please request a copy of the promotional toolkit for help and advice.

4. The Visit Cardiff Network member’s content may sometimes be used on additional marketing materials without permissions or sign off.

5. The Visit Cardiff Network membership is rolling and will renew each year. If you do not provide written notice that you wish to cancel, your membership will automatically renew for the next year.

6. All content published by Visit Cardiff must be available in Welsh. If your organisation also abides by the Welsh Translation act, please provide the Welsh translation alongside the English if possible.
Translating can often mean that marketing benefits such as social media and website updates may not be honoured immediately. Please see below an estimated timescale for the translation of content

30 words or below: 1 day
Over 30 words: 2 days
500 words and over: 3 days +
1000 words and over: 7 days +
Please note that busy periods can influence and prolong the estimated timescales.

7. As part of the Visit Cardiff Network, the Visit Cardiff Network member does not possess any rights to Cardiff Council or Visit Cardiff other than those outset in the list of benefits.

8. We only work with food establishments with a hygiene rating of 3 and above. It is the organisation’s responsibility to ensure that all food hygiene laws and local conditions are followed. The Visit Cardiff Network reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member who falls below these standards.

9. Visit Cardiff Network membership may not be terminated by the Visit Cardiff Network member prematurely. No refunds will be provided for any early cancelation of membership.

10. MEET IN CARDIFF MEMBERS ONLY: By accepting meeting/event/conference enquiries you agree to pay commission on any confirmed bookings. All commission is charged on the gross value of the total booking amount and is subject to VAT. CARDIFF TOURISM MEMBERS WILL BE CHARGED AT 10%.