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19th of March 2024


When pursuing higher education, the importance of selecting the right student accommodation cannot be over stressed. Your choice has a profound impact on your university experience. Cardiff, a city known for its cultural diversity and academic vibrancy, offers a wide array of student living options to suit different needs and preferences. This guide is crafted to help you pinpoint the ideal student area in Cardiff, ensuring a living experience that compliments your academic journey.

Cathays is the go-to district for many students due to its close proximity to universities. This neighbourhood is thriving with student activities and amenities like supermarkets, cafes, and bars. Housing varies from shared houses to modern student apartments, providing a range of options to fit different budgets.

Roath is ideal for students who value a balance between a quiet residential feel and the convenience of urban life. The area is dotted with independent shops and parks, offering a more relaxed pace of life. Its accessibility to Cardiff University and the city centre makes it a practical choice for those who want a serene environment without being too far from the action.


Close to Roath, Plasnewydd is known for its varied student accommodation options, all within a comfortable distance from Cardiff University and central areas. The neighbourhood provides a straightforward residential setting with a good selection of terraced houses and new apartment complexes.

Cardiff Bay is a modern area with a host of new apartment buildings overlooking the water. It’s a bit further from the university but is well-connected by public transport. The Bay area is popular for its leisure and entertainment options, providing a vibrant place to live for students who enjoy an active social life.


Penylan’s appeal lies in its quiet, residential nature. The area is close to parks and local shops, offering a break from the city’s pace without sacrificing convenience. Its housing mainly consists of larger, family-style homes, which may be more suitable for postgraduate students or those seeking less crowded living spaces.

Grangetown offers an affordable option with a strong sense of community. This diverse area is just south of the city centre and has a range of housing options available. Its strong transport links make it easy for students to commute to campus.


East of the city centre, Adamsdown is an exciting neighbourhood with a mix of cultures and affordable living options. Its location places students within easy reach of Cardiff University and various cultural hotspots, making it a lively and accessible area for students.

Llandaff provides a quieter, village-like atmosphere with easy access to Cardiff Metropolitan University. The area is known for its historic buildings and community feel, making it a good fit for students who prefer a slower pace of life with convenient access to their studies.


For those willing to live a bit further from the bustle of the city, Penarth offers a coastal experience with its scenic pier and Victorian architecture. It’s a more relaxed setting, ideal for students who value tranquillity and are willing to commute to university.


In conclusion, Cardiff presents a spectrum of student housing options, each with its distinct character and benefits. Your choice should reflect your personal and academic needs, ensuring a living situation that supports both your studies and your lifestyle. Consider each area’s proximity to your university, the type of community, and the amenities when making your decision.