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Proud Mary is a party pub for the mature audience. With inspiration from UK's pubs and the festive atmosphere in the German bier halls and gardens, we have created a modernized pub with a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Opening hours


12:00 - 2:00


12:00 - 3:00


12:00 - 2:00

Whether it’s your first or hundred visit, you will instantly feel at home and welcome. All Proud Mary’s consistently delivers the same high quality, a “good to see you” attitude from the staff along with great personal service. That’s what makes us your favourite pub.

Proud Mary is open every day, proud and ready to serve. Stop by for sports and friendly relations, have a chat with the bartender, while watching football on one of our many large screens or meet up for after work beers. Enjoy entertainment such as Live music Thursday to Sunday.
When darkness falls we have the best party pub in town, with live music every weekend, dance floor, table dancing, a large bar selection including classic cocktails, drinks and a wide variety of tap- and bottled beers at affordable prices.

Proud Mary Concept We cherish diversity and therefore our concept is versatile and inclusive for people of all ages and genders. Proud Mary isn’t just a pub, it’s a fellowship, it’s yours, mine and ours. There are no admission requirements such as a specific dress code, the atmosphere is relaxed and so is our door policy. It’s a private party where everyone is welcome.

The central location invites guests from near and far and from both the upper, middle and lower class. There are lots of international guests such as tourists and exchange students, as well as regulars and guests from the local community and the surrounding provincial towns, education and companies. Proud Mary is not limited to one type of guests, it is large, inviting and inclusive for all types.


42-43 St Mary Street, Cardiff CF10 1AD