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The venue is full of cozy snug areas which invite you to relax, unwind, and savor the moment, one sip at a time. Adorned with stunning tiles, plush velvet-covered chairs, and fresh flowers, the decor is a testament to the attention they pay to every detail.

The Rum & Fizz family has created a perfect atmosphere that is both intricate and beautiful. The Mixologists are armed with extensive knowledge of all things Rum. They can infuse each creation perfectly and create cocktails to your liking. From signature rum-based cocktails to classic mojitos. The skilled staff guides you through a world of taste sensations that showcase the depth and character of this beloved spirit. They redefine the art of toasting, one flute at a time.

Rum & Fizz’s ethos is dedicated to specialty champagnes, sparkling wines, and Proseccos. Whether you prefer the crisp effervescence of classic champagne or the playful charm of sparkling wine, they have the bubbles to suit everyone’s likes. Although Rum is their passion, they also offer a wide range of other beverages beers, wines, and all other spirits. If you can’t see what you like to drink- ask the staff, and we’ll be sure to make your favorites.

They’re also connected to the incredible Coffee Barker, which means you enjoy the food, coffee, and drinks, every day up until 2.30 pm. Every Friday, Rum & Fizz comes alive with the enchanting sounds of live music, creating an atmosphere that’s second to none. Join them from 8pm until late. Visit Rum & Fizz, every day for unforgettable cocktails, no bookings are required.

1-5 High Street, Cardiff, Cf10 1Bu, Cardiff CF10 1BU


029 2022 4575