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If you’re looking to book or hail a taxi when you’re visiting our capital city, then you’ve stumbled across the ultimate Cardiff taxi guide.

Cardiff is served by a range of a large range of taxi operators, many of the larger firms available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with a range of fleet to suit different party sizes and accessibility needs.

If you like the tap of an app then Dragon Taxis app keeps pace with the likes of taxi-tech names Uber and Addison Lee. For a different type of business model, try Drive Taxi Co-operative. Or rely on one of the many established firms such as Premier Taxis and Capital Cabs to get you where you need to be.

If you’re interested in finding out about the many other ways you can travel in Cardiff, view our travel around guide.


At a taxi rank, you should find black Hackney Carriages with a white bonnet and roof light you can ride.

The cost of a journey starts from £2.50, with small additional charges between 12am-6am or for more than 5 passengers. As an estimate, a journey of 1.5 miles might cost £6.50, a journey of 3.5 miles might cost £11 and a journey of 5.5 miles might cost £15.50.

You might be expected to pay cash, but you’ll be able to see the cost on the meter. You can also read the exact maximum fares.

If you order a pre-booked taxi, then prices could vary but some app operators will show you the price upfront. If you’re calling for a taxi, you can ask the operator for an estimated fare.


On Friday and Saturday nights the following ranks are moved slightly, for the nighttime economy, and have FOR Cardiff night marshals ensuring visitors get home safely.


If you’re trying to plan your way around the city, you can use our maps to plan your journeys.